Coming out of lockdown, I saw London filling up with litter as people flooded out eating, drinking and throwing their disposable cups on the streets. At the same time I saw the local cleaning man sitting on the pavement with a real cup and thermos having a joyful moment. This experience inspired me to design a product based on love and respect to make people appreciate the everyday ritual of having a really nice outdoor meal.

This is a stackable product to bring a daily indoor ritual outdoors. A heat insulated portable coffee pot with add on cups with a lid, transforming the cup into a container and the lid into a coaster. This is an attempt to slow down the pace and stay in the moment. I want to challenge the take away and the travel mug where you loose the sensory experience and the importance of appreciating food.
This is a product that enhances your sensory consumption. The ritual of pouring from the pot, seeing, smelling and drinking from the cup elevates one’s experience.

The product does include multiple units that can be added. The main material used in this product is a biodegradable composite made of egg and nut shells, promoting circularity and making waste into a luxury item. It produces surfaces with a look and feel that is similar to marble, natural stone or ceramic although it is much lighter.
This results in an organic aesthetic and is appealing as each part is slightly unique and ages well with its owner. The design language is minimal, still personal and friendly.